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How Management Companies Help Small Business Owners Improve Performance

September 9, 2022

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Running a business is no child’s play. An entrepreneur wears many hats in marketing, accounting, human resource, operations, and management. You may hire employees to take care of different functions or outsource some work to consultants. But at some point, the business stagnates or gets stuck in a situation where it cannot use its resources optimally. That calls for the need for management companies.

What Do Management Companies Do?

Management companies help businesses improve performance and achieve their goals efficiently. How do they do it? They use data-driven approaches to identify problems, form a hypothesis, and design and implement a result-oriented action plan. Management consultants are experts in their field and have networking, communication, and problem-solving skills. They offer services like strategic planning, succession planning, organizational development and restructuring.

Many small business owners use the services of management companies to tackle the elephant in the room, like downsizing and resistance to transformation. Small business owners also hire management companies to provide expertise in a specific market or operation or to influence lobbyists.

For instance, a company has an impeccable sales team and a great product, but its marketing team lags behind. First, management companies identify the weak spots and give a fresh and unbiased perspective. Then, they offer advice, devise an action plan, facilitate implementation and track progress.

But many small business owners do not consider management companies because they are expensive. Some business owners could not get desired return on investment (ROI) from management consultants. This could be because business owners couldn’t use the management company’s services to the fullest.

How to Identify the Right Management Company For Your Business?

Finding the right management company that meets your business need is imperative. But even before you search for one, you need to identify the need for such a service. A self-analysis of your financial statements can help you get a rough idea of where the problem lies. Some management companies specialize in a particular domain, like finance or human resource, and some offer comprehensive management solutions. They take a 360-degree view of the problem and give a 360-degree solution.

For instance, tax planning is not just an accounting problem. It is also how you operate and pay employees and yourself. With tax efficiency in mind, a financial management company will change the business structure and make it more efficient.

Big management companies like McKinsey & Co. may not be the right fit for a small business. However, a local management consulting firm might work well if your business is local because consultants must understand the marketplace. Look for a local management consultant with relevant experience in your industry and a good track record of success. Ask questions to your consultant to ensure they have the expertise you seek to tackle the business problem.

While budget is necessary, the right management company will deliver more ROI than they charge.

How to Use Management Companies to Get Desired Results?

A management consultant operates at three stages: discovery, evaluation and execution. Communication and constructive feedback are crucial to leveraging consultants’ knowledge and experience.

Discovery stage

This is the stage where the consultant visits the facilities, reads company material and financial statements, and talks to employees and management. Talk to the consultants and provide them access to the documents they seek. They will take a 360-degree view of your business and collect and analyze data to identify areas of improvement.

Evaluation stage

This is the stage where the consultant will provide their analysis of the business, the strengths and weaknesses, current and foreseeable problems, and possible solutions. You may know most problems and solutions, but the consultant might also pinpoint some unforeseen issues.

Keeping an open view and taking constructive feedback can help create an effective solution. This is the area where the management consultants’ core expertise comes in. Be willing to try some of the creative solutions the consultants offer.

Execution stage

A solution or a strategy looks different on paper and in reality. Therefore, management companies understand this and are involved from start to end in the entire process, from planning to execution. The execution might bring new challenges which might need improvisation. Please communicate with the consultant, give them the flexibility to improvise, set goals and track them with the consultant.

The management company will take the time to explain and educate you at every stage of the process. They will also take your input and craft a solution ideal for your situation. It is your business, and the onus is on you.

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