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We Know and Understand the Needs of Start-Ups and Entrepreneurs Across Ontario

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Envisioning, planning and finally establishing your business is a lot of work. Your new business is your baby, so of course, you only want the best for it. But a new business can sometimes be quite challenging with long sleepless hours, being on your toes constantly and learning new things on the go. A little support at such times can be a big help, indeed.

At KSSP Partners LLP, we are acutely aware of the various doubts and problems you as an entrepreneur may face with your new business. The most important of these are financing and managing the capital and accounts of your company. It is not easy to calculate precisely how much funds you will need to finance the company’s initial operation, and determining how to raise those funds can be just as challenging. Then comes the seemingly mundane but absolutely crucial tasks such as bookkeeping and accounting, identifying and customizing your accounting software requirements, auditing, handling taxation, preparing financial statements, and so on. All these tasks tend to distract you from the essential responsibility of focusing on the stability and growth of your new venture. That’s where we come in.

We love numbers. Let KSSP Partners LLP Do for You What We Do Best

Number crunching and calculations are a few of our favourite things, so leave it all to us. At KSSP Partners LLP, we offer a range of accounting and financing solutions tailored to your business needs.

Real-Time Bookkeeping for Start-Ups in Ontario and across Canada

When it comes to money, we don’t believe in surprises. Maintaining precise records of your company’s money matters is a matter of great trust, and we deliver on it with integrity. Our cloud accounting tools make it convenient to maintain and update your books of accounts in real-time. A proactive approach to bookkeeping enables any discrepancies or variances to show up as soon as they occur, making it possible to take timely corrective action.

Real-time bookkeeping further helps identify your strengths and weaknesses and fortify your business plans accordingly. Our software is also equipped to compare your current performance against historical data, allowing you to make appropriate budget decisions.

Effective Budgeting and Cash Flow Management

Managing cash flow is one of the most common pressure points for every new business. Sustaining a healthy cash flow can be difficult while your company is still learning the ropes of the industry. Many start-ups have been known to fall into the trap of short-term debt financing, jeopardizing their positions even before making their mark.

Real numbers and detailed budgeting help gauge a business’s financial situation, making developing future strategies and development plans easier. We use a new way of bookkeeping that can effectively trace the cyclicality of your business and help you utilize your working capital smartly.

Tax Planning and Business Restructuring for Canadian Small Businesses

One common goal every business has is to expand its reach. The way you structure your business – whether you incorporate it, register as a sole proprietorship, or partnership -determines your taxation pattern. Every business has different requirements, and there is no one-structure-fits-all solution to it.

Effective tax planning is often ‘the’ pivotal factor that catapults a business mile ahead of its competitors through a marked difference in their earnings. KSSP Partners LLP understands the nature of your business, your business needs and goals, and presents a tailored solution that is tax efficient. Our trusted team of professionals helps you make productive, actionable decisions concerning share structure, fundraising, dividends, salaries, bonuses and much more, keeping in mind its tax implications.

Business Advisory for Entrepreneurs and Start-ups

KSSP Partners LLP has a plethora of financial services to offer apart from bookkeeping and tax planning. Our experts deal with several businesses daily (in Markham, the GTA, and across Ontario) and understand the challenges of business management. As a start-up or an entrepreneur, you have to successfully juggle various tasks from budgeting, forecasting, procuring funds, strategizing and optimizing business processes to save on cost.

All these activities are dynamic and must be aligned with your business goals. KSSP Partners LLP provides advisory services to help you stay on track and move smoothly on the path to lucrative goal realization.

Estate planning

Planning ahead is an integral part of any business. You plan for growth, crisis, expansion, divestiture, and almost everything else. But at the same time, you also need to plan for succession. The transfer of wealth and ownership of a business has various moving aspects with many options available, like a holding company, share structure, voting rights, and more.

Moreover, the business environment is dynamic, and so are corporate tax laws. It is imperative to make modifications to your succession plan to ensure it is in the best interest of everyone. Our highly trained professionals guide you through the complex nitty-gritty to ensure smooth and straightforward estate planning.

We at KSSP Partners LLP believe in prompt, responsive service through secure technological channels. No matter how big or small your financial difficulty is, you can approach us any time you like; rest assured, we will find a solution to your problem and help you through it to the best of our ability.

We understand that every business, every company, every single product or service is different, each with its own unique needs and demands. Be it software or record keeping, minute changes or refinements that have to be made to sort, store and assess information correctly, KSSP Partners LLP can find the solutions you need. To learn more about how we can provide you with a made-to-order, client-specific plan that is best suited to your business purposes, contact us online or by telephone at 289-554-5997.