How to seamlessly make the switch to cloud accounting

February 10, 2023

An image of a business person in Markham Ontario showing all of the cloud accounting tools that can help their clients.

Are you looking for ways to make your accounting process easier and more efficient? If so, it’s time to consider switching from traditional accounting software to cloud-based solutions.

Cloud-based accounting offers many benefits, such as improved security, scalability and cost savings. Plus, it makes managing your finances a breeze!

In this article, we’ll discuss how switching to cloud accounting can help your business financials. We’ll also provide tips on making the transition seamless and stress-free.

Benefits of cloud accounting

Real-time updates

Cloud accounting eliminates the time lag between entering records and accessing financial information. This means that everyone involved can always have access to up-to-date information, which can help make proactive business decisions.

Easier to access your data

Typically, desktop accounting software stores data onsite or on dedicated local servers. Cloud accounting stores your data and information securely on remote servers. This typically allows you access to your financial data from anywhere with an internet connection.

Integration with other software

Many cloud accounting systems easily integrate with other software, including inventory, expense management and payroll systems. If you’re already using these systems, your business will reap additional benefits from the operational synergy.

Improved security

When done correctly, data stored in the cloud is much more secure than any form of physical storage. Cloud accounting providers generally have strict security protocols, so your financial information is always safe.

Better Reporting

Once implemented, cloud accounting systems can provide you with more accurate and in-depth, real-time financial reports; It can reduce the time it takes to reconcile accounts and provide better insights for your business decisions.

Forecasting and Cash Management

Cloud accounting systems can seamlessly connect your business bank accounts and credit cards. A new system can allow for better forecasting and cash management in your business to help you anticipate and plan for upcoming cash needs.

How to make a seamless switch to cloud-based accounting software?

Make an informed choice in software.

Knowing whether a potential cloud accounting software’s features meet your business’s needs is essential.

Compare different vendors’ options before ensuring that the software fits your needs.

Here are some considerations for cloud-based accounting software:

  • Security – Are you comfortable with the data encryption and access to the software
  • Integration – will it connect well with other software used for different aspects of your business, such as payroll, inventory or expense management?

Create a migration plan.

Once you’ve selected a cloud-based accounting software, creating a detailed plan for migrating data from the existing system is critical.

Your business might consider the following:

  • Does all financial data need to be moved?
  • Is any data cleanup needed before the move, such as a new chart of accounts?

It is vital to consider how long the process will take. You will also need to be mindful of potential risks in disruptions or delays.

Consider the timing of the migration. Depending on your business, avoid busy seasons or month-end so that it has a minimal impact on your business.

Training and Documentatation

Once the software has been implemented, it is essential that your current bookkeeping and accounting personnel are comfortable with the software. They may need additional training to switch from old to new systems.

It can also be the right time to assess any process improvements in your team’s workflows.

Your team should document how to use the software and how it fits your company’s processes. This document will be helpful in case of employee turnover or when hires need to be onboarded.

Hire a partner for implementation and ongoing support.

Having an experienced cloud accounting partner, such as an accountant or bookkeeper, can be invaluable in ensuring that your business is set up for success with the new system. They can provide ongoing support and assistance in helping you navigate any challenges or issues that may arise with the software over time.

With proper planning and implementation, it is possible to move to a new system with minimal impact on your business. Cloud accounting provides many benefits, and you can take full advantage of it by adequately making the switch.

Is your business ready to switch to cloud accounting?

Cloud accounting can provide many benefits to businesses, such as improved security and better reporting and forecasting capabilities.

To make a seamless transition to cloud-based accounting software, businesses need to make an informed choice in their software selection and create a detailed plan for migration and training if required.

With proper planning and execution, your business can reap all of the advantages of cloud-based accounting with minimal disruption or downtime.

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